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Oh So Smooth

IPL / Laser Hair Removal, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Microdermabrasion, Peels, LED, Albany,

IPL Pigmentation Reduction

Say goodbye to discolouration and hello to flawless skin with fast and simple IPL Pigmentation Reduction Treatments.

Helps to:

Diminish pigmentation, fade and eliminate sun spots and age spots. Refresh the skin from sun damage and solve skin discoloration.

Full Face $149

Full face w/ Neck $169

Hands $99

Spot Treatment $19


2 Sessions $279

4 Sessions $539

6 Sessions $719

8 Sessions $839

10 Sessions $899

Before IPL Pigmentation Reduction

  • Keep out of the sun for four weeks prior to treatment and wear sunblock ideally SPF30+ every day to protect your skin.
  • Don’t use any active products on the skin for three days before the treatment.
  • To prepare your skin for IPL Skin Rejuvenation it is important to start on a cosmeceutical range, as skin in better condition will see results faster. Medik8 skincare is a great option as it has all the vitamins needed for healthy skin.
  • A consultation required prior to your first treatment, just to make sure you are suitable for the treatment. We will explain the how IPL Skin Rejuvenation works and answer any questions.

After IPL Pigmentation Reduction

  • It is mandatory that you wear your sunblock SPF30+ every day and keep out of the sun to protect your skin and protect your skin from future UV damage.
  • Consult your Therapist for advice regarding skin care. Homecare will vary.
  • Keep heat away from the skin for 24 hours. This includes hot showers, saunas, steam and exercising.
  • A light skin rash may occur after your IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment. This may last several hours.
  • A dirty skin appearance or graze may develop after the treatment. This is normal, it is the pigmentation moving to the surface of the skin. This could last up to two weeks. Do not pick at the grazed skin and do not exfoliate until your skin returns to its normal healthy state.
  • Exfoliate 1-2 weeks after the treatment. Wait until grazing naturally sheds before exfoliating.