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IPL / Laser Hair Removal, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Microdermabrasion, Peels, LED, Albany,

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Medik8 Firewall


Firewall 30ml


The patented combination of stable, scientifically proven antioxidants in Firewall helps neutralise a wide range of free radicals which can cause premature skin ageing. The award winning formula is a result of Medik8's own original research, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, looking visibly younger with a sumptuous silky feel.




•Broad spectrum antioxidant serum

•Protects collagen and elastin from free-radical damage

•Mimics the body's natural antioxidants

•Helps to prevent premature skin ageing

•Minimise appearance of lines and wrinkles

•Instant feeling of fresh smooth skin

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